My life revolves around people and takes place on different stages. I never get tired of other people’s stories – their motives, their lessons and their strengths. Luckily I get to discover their worlds every day, whether it be in front of the microphone at BNR Nieuwsradio, the cameras of RTL, or in front of the audience, as an event host or chairwoman.

I discovered my love for being on stage at an early age. A presentation at school? Everybody hated it, but I loved it. Performing? I started doing that as a young girl. With a couple of big feathers on my head I proudly appeared on the Showbizzquiz TV program as a show dancer, many years before I became one of the anchors of that same network, RTL.

I gained my love for people and their stories when I, mesmerized, watched the shows of Sonja Barend, the famous Dutch interviewer.  The way she open-mindedly approached funny people, pioneering people or people who had enormous problems – this approach opened the doors to a whole new world for me.


It took a while before I ended up in journalism myself. After a propaedeutic diploma in economics, I decided to study cultural and social development. I switched because I had just as much understanding of people as I did of figures. After that, television came back into my life. I first started out as an editor at RTL Nieuws, and have been a news host since 2004.

In that job, everything comes together: the stage, the dynamics of the news, and the interaction with people. I get to talk about various topics, ask questions, and help people tell their stories. In 2012 I also discovered radio and I’ve been presenting the show Zakendoen met… on BNR Nieuwsradio ever since. In addition, I enjoy being an event host and chairwoman, in addition to being a presentation coach for board members.

Do I have anything left to wish for? Absolutely! One day I would like to present a sassy television show in which I discover the untold stories behind ordinary, special and unusual people. What a dream job that would be!