At RTL I am one of the faces of RTL Z Nieuws and Editie NL. At RTL Z Nieuws - the only Dutch news show without an autocue - ‘breaking news’ and fast switching are the standard. From New York to The Hague, from Dow Jones to AEX; for this ‘CNN of the polder’ I follow the latest developments live, with analysts in our studio and reporters on site. In that stream of information I am the refuge. The larger the impact, the more comfortable I feel. As a duo presenter at Editie NL, the primetime news show on RTL 4, I bring the viewer to the world beyond the ‘bare’ facts – sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted.

BNR Nieuwsradio
Presenters usually go from radio to television; I did it the other way around: radio is my new love. Since 2012 I am one of the voices of Zakendoen met…, in which I interview CEOs and entrepreneurs about (business) life. On television, I am the neutral guide through the news, on the radio I can show more of myself. With an open mind I try to find out what moves my guests. What keeps them awake at night? What is their surprising side? What can we learn from them? My motto: hard on content, soft on the person. Radio has to be exciting, but intimate as well.