Is your presentation preventing you from getting the content across? Let me help you.

Naturally, I use my experience as a presenter at BNR Nieuwsradio and RTL in this. I believe in the power of authenticity: for me, there is no such thing as a standard training course; the fastest way to a good presentation is to be yourself. By engaging in a conversation with you, I try to find out what is keeping you from that.

We practice in front of the camera, without others being present. I help you tell a story that interests and convinces people, I provide you with tips to use your voice, your attitude, and your appearance. You are already good at what you do, I teach you to talk about that in a way that suits you. That way, the tension that is needed to capture an audience will automatically arise.

The Kenyan Nice Nailtantei Leng’ete, who I helped with her story for the TEDx conference in Amsterdam, did just that. As a 21-year old, during her first presentation abroad she managed to make a connection between her shocking story about the way women in the African countryside are treated, and the context in which we live in the Netherlands. She received a standing ovation. Shortly after, the Clintons invited her to the US to tell her story there as well.

In addition, I helped a CEO of a listed company with the next step in his career. When it came to content, he was ready, but his presentation wasn’t really convincing. After a day of training he understood how he could appear more powerful, without putting on an act. Partly due to this, he made the step to the board of directors.

Would you also like to learn how to be convincing? To feel what it’s like to fascinate an audience, while you can just be yourself? Feel free to contact me.